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Service offering: Organisational Development

Efforts to make organisations more efficient and improve shareholder value have not always resulted in improved organisational capability to succeed in the long run. Changes in organisational capability and culture are all too often disconnected from the economic and strategic purpose of the organisation.

The Challenge of Change - increasing globalisation, improve shareholder value, speed of response to market changes or diversifying workforce ,for example - has intensified the need to know what to change about your organisation and how to change it. New Frontiers can assist you in this quest. Our considerable experience in the field of organisational change covers, amongst others:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organisation Design(establishing and restructuring)
  • Performance Management(Organisational and Individual)
  • Organisational Culture Transformation
  • Continuous Process improvement
  • Competency Profiling
  • Change Management
  • Transformation (EE and Diversity Management)

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